Nkayi Police Disrupts MDC Rally Despite Court Order

This comes only a week after police in the same Nkayi district banned two rallies of the Welshman Ncube led MDC.

On Thursday morning Nkayi Magistrate Nduna Masuku had given a green light to MDC-T to go ahead with their meeting at Komayanga business centre  and more than 500 party supporters had gathered for the rally. However heavily  armed  police disrupted the rally which was to be addressed by MDC-T deputy national organizing secretary Abednico Bhebhe who is also former legislator for Nkayi and Matebeleland North Provincial chairman Sengezo Tshabangu and also the party’s parliamentarians from same province.

“Police have defied a court order; they came in a full truck load and started beating up our party supporters forcing them to disperse. They said they don’t take orders from the courts but from their commanders,” said Tshabangu.


Tshabangu added:  “We are shocked but this barbaric behaviour by the police. We are going to file contempt of court charges against Nkayi police. This should be stopped because it is now very difficult for us to hold rallies in Matebeleland North especially in Nkayi”.


Nkayi is now regarded as no go zone for the two MDC formations and human rights activists as police have blocked several meetings in the past recent months.


Only last week police in the same Nkayi district raided the homestead of Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister and smaller MDC Senator for Nkayi  Robson Makula after banning the party’s  two rallies  which were scheduled to take place in the district. 


In October Nkayi police also disrupted Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai rally at Nesingwe Business Centre despite a High Court order allowing the rally to go ahead. After the disruption of his rally an angry Tsvangirai says he does not need police clearances to hold meetings because he has the same powers as President Robert Mugabe whose rallies are allowed by the same security agents without clearance.