Nkomo Elected Africa's Representative To The World Water Forum

Nkomo chairs the Steering Committee for the 6th WWF Regional Preparatory Process for Africa that is underway in Cape Town.

“The WWF relies on four preparatory processes: thematic, regional, political and grassroots/citizenship and requires that a regional process takes place in each of the four major continental regions of the world – Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

“The objective of the Africa regional process is to reach commitments and solutions for the development of Africa’s resources through the definition of targets that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound,” a statement from Nkomo’s Water Ministry said.

Nkomo’s Ministry said the appointment is “a vote of confidence in Zimbabwe and the leadership capabilities of the appointed Minister.”

Meanwhile, Nkomo’s Ministry is finalising a National Water Policy (NWP) in the hopes of restoring what was once one of the best infrastructure and water resources management systems in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The NWP intends to improve the existing dilapidated water systems by implicating the use of a framework for integrated water resources, management and development.

“The new policy hopes to improve water resources management by endorsing an integrated and multi-sectored approach in the socio-economic contexts, which includes

“…treating water as a social and economic good, relying on markets and pricing to determine water allocation among sectors and user groups, involving the beneficiaries and the private sector in managing water at the lowest appropriate level and recognising that water is a finite resource that contributes to economic development and supports the natural ecosystem” the statement added.