No Movement For Zimbabwe Cricket Team Despite Win

The southern African country remained pegged on 10th position on the 13 country table following the ratings released by the ICC Tuesday. The ratings were released soon after the conclusion of the series between Sri Lanka and Australia and the one between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

 Zimbabwe’s victory over Bangladesh saw them improve their points rating from 38 to 46 but they still remain behind ninth placed Bangladesh who are on 63 points dropping from their previous 70.

Zimbabwe, though, remain way ahead of Ireland on 42 points, the Netherlands on five and Kenya with no point at all.

Zimbabwe have a chance to improve on their current standings when they face Pakistan in the series which starts in Bulawayo on September 8, but there will not be many points up for grabs for the home side.

If Zimbabwe wins all the three ODIs, they will earn 10 ratings points while a 2-1 series win will them six ratings points. Zimbabwe will earn two ratings points even if it loses the series 2-1.

In contrast, Pakistan will get just one ratings point if it wins all the three ODIs while Zimbabwe will be docked two ratings points.

This is because Pakistan will enter the series leading Zimbabwe by 54 ratings points and as the rankings system is weighted to reflect this difference, Pakistan’s failure to win the series comfortably will mean it will drop points.

The world’ leading ODI team are Australia on 130 points followed by Sri Lanka on 119 and India on 117.

In the individual ratings, Raymond Price is the highest placed Zimbabwean in the world with an eighth world ranking among the top bowlers on the planet.

He has, however, slipped five places down the ladder as he was in third position before the latest updates while Prosper Utseya is in 32nd position. Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor is 38th among the leading batsmen.

 Reliance ICC ODI Championship ratings as at August 23

Team                          Rating

1-      Australia                  130
2-      Sri Lanka                  119
3-      India                      117
4-      South Africa               116
5-      England                    106
6-      Pakistan                   100
7-      New Zealand                90
8-      West Indies                78
9-      Bangladesh                 63
10-     Zimbabwe                   46
11-     Ireland                    42
12-     Netherlands                 5
13-     Kenya                       0