No room for gay rights in new constitution – Mutasa

Mutasa, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Zanu (PF) politburo Secretary for administration, told villagers that his party had already taken a position on what should be included or excluded in the new constitution.

“As a party, we now have our positions for inclusion in the new constitution and we hope these will be captured accurately,” Mutasa said.

“Practices such as homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia which offend human and public morality should be outlawed.”

Mutasa said the new document should contain stiff penalties to ensure those who indulged in homosexuality were dealt with severely.

He said he had been angered by some Christian organisations, which were lobbying for the inclusion of gay rights in the new document.

Mutasa said foreign interference on such matters was unacceptable.

 “We are surprised that some Christian organisations are advocating for gay rights to be included in the constitution, yet we know that gay marriages are even forbidden in the Bible,” Mutasa said.

 “As for abortion, we say no to it because it is just like murder. Why should people push for abortion when they voluntarily engage in activities that result in them falling pregnant? he queried.

“If our mothers had aborted, we could not have been here today. As a party, we are saying abortion may only be conducted by a qualified medical practitioner to terminate pregnancy arising from rape or incest,” he said.

Mutasa said traditional leaders should work closely with government to safe guard the cultural morals of Zimbabweans.

Mutasa was speaking during a Zanu (PF) meeting attended by members of the party’s politburo, central committee, provincial executive and district structures.