No to an early election, remove sanctions: CZI

In a statement released to the media Monday, CZI president Joseph Kanyekanye said industry feels the country must attain full economic stabilization before any election is held as political parties prepare for elections whose date is yet to be announced.

However, in a move that may be interpreted as to support Mugabe policies Kanyekanye said targetted sanctions on Zimbabwe must be removed.

“CZI is on record as saying that they see no reason for elections at this critical stage in Zimbabwe’s economic recovery,” CZI president Joseph Kanyekanye said.

“It is with deep regret that CZI received the news of the renewal of sanctions by the European Union. CZI has long maintained that these sanctions have been a major cause of division and disunity in Zimbabwe and a major impediment to the normalization of the political situation in Zimbabwe.”

“At the end of the day ordinary Zimbabweans suffer as a result of these sanctions and their renewal is a major disappointment.”

CZI said the coalition government has made progress which is seen in the stabilization of the economy after the introduction of the US dollar and other hard currencies such as the South African rand and Botswana pula.

“Sanctions or no sanctions, our future as Zimbabwe is in our own hands. The progress that we have made since February 2009 is a testimony to what we can achieve,” Kanyekanye said.

“The inclusive Government has already delivered untold benefits to the nation and strengthening its operations is in our view the most pressing national priority.”