Non-transparent Diamond Sales Affecting Workers Remuneration: PM

Tsvangirai expressed disappointment over the inclusive government’s failure to decisively address the working conditions of civil servants in the country addressing 7th congress of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) in Bulawayo on Friday.

 Prime Minister Tsvangirai said because of his background as a trade unionist, he was not happy to be part of a government which fails to adequately pay its workers.   

“I am equally unhappy with our failure to decisively address the working conditions of the government’s patriotic work-force, the civil servants,” said the Prime Minister.

The Prime minister said his disappointment must be measured in the context of the nature and limitations of the inclusive government where he said there are no shared vision and values among the partners in the government.

“Equally, our frustrations must not blind us from the little progress we have registered to date including the return of food on our shelves, the re-opening of health and education facilities and the return of a semblance of dignity”, said Tsvangirai.

The veteran Movement for Democratic Change leader also added, “ we now have a semblance of dignity since the trying times when we all had a constant and common meal of chakata for our breakfast, lunch and dinner,” he said.
(National Business)