NRZ Employees Down Tools Over Outstanding Salaries

NRZ employees are yet to be receive their August salaries and allowances backdated to 2009.

Speaking to Radio VOP , the NRZ’s  Public Relations Manager, Fanuel Masikati confirmed that their workers have gone on strike over salary and allowances.

“It is true that our employees are engaging on job action over salaries and allowances and we are kindly urging them to come back to work,” said Masikati.

NRZ has been paying its employees staggered salaries and since August, workers have not yet recieved their pay including transport and overtime allowances backdated to 2009.

The Railways Artisan Workers Union Secretary General, Sithokozile Siwela told Radio VOP that they are currently having meetings with Ministry of labout in order to reconcile the NRZ and employees after the failure of NRZ management to act on a 14 day notice on job action that was filed in August by the four NRZ Union bodies.

“We were summoned by the Ministry of Labour to their offices on Monday,a day before the strike and we are going back there again becuase nothing has been resolved, so far,” said Siwela.

NRZ employs close to 9 000 workers and currently it is operating below capacity and workers are working under power working conditions that put their health and safety at risk.