NRZ Pensioners Paid Paltry Salaries

This was revealed by NRZ Pensioners Association president Esaph Mdlongwa at a press conference held in Bulawayo.

Mdlongwa said the Pensions Fund Board of Trustees and the NRZ Pensioner’s Association have agreed on the increments this month.

“The increments shall be in addition to the minimum 5 percent mandatory annual increment which will also be paid out at the end of July” said Mdlongwa at the press conference.

The pension increment follows an unbundling exercise that the association and the Pension Fund Board of Trustees have been working on to enable beneficiaries to earn more against their years of service to the rail parastatal.

Mdlongwa also noted that the NRZ Pensioners Association and Pension Fund have agreed in principle to start a Funeral Grant for the pensioners.
NRZ Pensioners Association represents 2000 registered members and over 14000 non members across the country.

It has branches in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare, Masvingo, Hwange and Beitbridge. Subscribing and non subscribing pensioners in the NRZ Pensioners Association’s records are over 6000 but only 2000 are paid up.

NRZ Pensioners Association was registered as Welfare Organisation for NRZ pensioners.