NRZ Workers Demonstrate Over 11 Months Salary Arrears

Disgruntled National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) workers staged a peacefully demonstrated demanding their 11 months salary arrears.

The workers accused management of making unilaterally decisions and failing to deliver on the promises made.

Business almost came to a stands still as the debt ridden NRZ workers demonstrated hoping that the management will consider their plea.

After 11 months of arrears in salary payment, the workers said they have no money to pay school fees, buy food at home and get medical treatment due to lack of funds.

The demonstrations in Harare were part of a coordinated countrywide protests by the parastatal’s workers.

Workers representative for Harare region, Honest Mudzete said the company owes them salaries from as far as May 2014 and criticised management for failing to come up with concrete solutions.

The national spokesperson of NRZ, Fanuel Masikati said the management is aware of these problems and will work a way forward on how to pay the workers.

The workers claim that they have tried to work a way forward with management and this has led to their salaries to be slashed and delayed even further.

The workers unsuccessfully sought to be addressed by the NRZ management.

The state-owned enterprise which is currently facing viability constraints has a salary debt amounting to over US$50 million.