Nyarota And Kuwaza Clash At Press Club

The drama began when Kuwaza stormed into the press club after hearing that Nyarota was a panelist there.
Nyarota did not waste time identifying Kuwaza as he stood quietly among an audience of Journalists hungry for juicy news stories. The two men exchanged some harsh words over a story which appeared in South Africa,s Sunday Times recently alleging that the First Lady Grace Mugabe had an affair with Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono.
In an article published in the Herald last week, Nyarota claimed that he met Kuwaza at a city sports club and discussed the alleged sex scandal story which was picked up by many foreign based news agencies. Gono accuses Kuwaza of fighting to have him ousted as central bank chief.
But Kuwaza, in a Herald response to Nyarota this week, made a scathing attack on Nyarota whom he accused of being a liar and a corrupt Journalist working to get “30 pieces of silver”.Nyarota said Kuwaza had arranged for a meeting with him over refreshments inside a city sports club but Kuwaza, for strange reasons, ambushed him in thick darkness at the gate and drove him in his own (Kuwaza) car to a different place in a typical abduction style.

“At one point, I was tempted to jump out of the car but realised perhaps driving on was a more desirable option,” he said.Nyarota did not stop describing the incident evidently unconcerned about Kuwaza’s growing discomfort as journalists turned to focus on him.After Nyarota had finished his lengthy presentation, Kuwaza was immediately confronted by journalists to respond to the statements but could not stand the heat.
“I just came simply to listen. I have just been playing squash. Should I not be here?” protested Kuwaza, who claimed he had a distant relationship with Nyarota.As pressure mounted on him, Kuwaza stormed out of the Quill club but not before he had another skirmish with a journalist whom he accused of photographing him.