Nyasha Nhau appointed to lead AU disability portfolio

Nyasha Nhau, a disability issues activist and online  radio presenter on Community Radio Harare (CORAH) was recently appointed the to lead the inaugural Disability Portfolio within the African Union-Youth Council since its formation.
His appointment to the portfolio was confirmed by Council Ambassador Shamil Agosi from Botswana .
The appointment was one of the Ambassador’s  efforts to promote  inclusiveness in the council. “Nyasha has been appointed because of his passion for uplifting the lives of people living with disability through hosting online radio programmes that highlight the plight of people living with disability who are often ignored in all aspects including decision – making processes,” said Agosi who was in Zimbabwe for a 2 – day  Regional Conference Program organized by Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) from 25 – 26 April in Harare.
The conference ran under the theme “Strengthen Constructive and Active Youth Engagement in Civic Processes.”
Nhau  hosts the weekly talk – show radio programme Bandiko Revakaremara/ Disability Constituency that focuses on issues of concern to people with disability and how these can be addressed through inclusion and other strategies. The programme is broadcast every Thursday at 2pm (via www.facebook.com/corahfm). What makes the programme,which is produced in both audio and video formats more attractive is that Nhau himself lives with disability and is able to clearly articulate disability issues and use various CORAH platforms to have access to those people living with disability in marginalised communities.
Nhau is also active in civic affairs and unsuccessfully contested for a position as independent councillor in St Mary’s.At the time he wanted to demonstrate that living  with disability should not result in  inability to participate in developmental issues.