Only Bewitched People Will Re-elect Mugabe-Ncube

Professor Welshman Ncube is the President of the smaller MDC faction and Minister of Industry and

Addressing about 200 party supporters at Sisk Shopping Center yesterday, Ncube said those who will vote for Mugabe again-after a decade long socio, political and economic breakdown in the country’ will not be in the right senses.

“Munenge makaroiwa neakafa if you still vote for Mugabe and say, ‘Pamberi ne ZANU PF. If you still want to vote for Mugabe, check if he has delivered in the past 32 years.

“If you have to remove this party regalia so that you can move freely, then you say Mugabe has brought good governance?” Ncube quipped.

His rally on Sunday came a day after his party supporters were assaulted by soldiers in Mutoko.

“You will be out of your mind to vote for Mugabe again in the next polls as he has a well documented history of failure,” he said.

Zimbabwe has been hit by a decade long economic meltdown sparked by violent and chaotic land seizures by Mugabe’s loyalists from formerly white commercial farmers.

The country also faced shortages of almost everything during the 2008 crisis, forcing many people to migrate as economic refugees.

Violence also characterized the previous poll, leading to the formation of an inclusive government after a political impasse.