Orbituary:Tongai Moyo- A Man Of Words That Shaped Nation

The sungura super star wooed people’s hearts with his songs:Chechete, Hurungudo, Ndazvimba mapapu, Zakeo,  zvinoitika murudo among others.He also sang about the workers’ plight in Mhondoro Dzenyika.

After the bloody 2008 elections, Dhewa as he was popularly known likened the unity government to two lovers who may face challenges but later find solutions.

As Zimbabweans were speaking in hushed tones for fear of their lives when presidential results took time to come out, Dhewa belted out the song, warning ‘never say never’, in apparent reference to Movement for Democratic Change rise to power after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai beat President Mugabe in the Presidential election although not enough a margin to make him President.

Dhewa gave an example of the late Ian Douglas Smith who lived to regret when he said he was ‘’never to going to accept black majority rule not in his life time even a thousand times”.

As it turned out, Mugabe who had said he would never talk to Tsvangirai, was forced to talk to his rival after the second round of Presidential elections in which Tsvangirai boycotted because of violence. Their talks paved the way for a Government of National Unity in February 2009.

In the song, Kukanda Nekuvhika off the Muridzi Wenyaya album, Moyo says, “Learn to say soft and sweet words as you may be forced to eat them one day.’’

The song never got the chance to be aired by the sole broadcaster in the country which is state owned, the ZBC.

Moyo enjoyed both worlds of the political divide as he would attend Zanu (PF) sponsored galas and had the courage to pay last respects to Tsvangirai after his wife was killed in a road accident in 2009.

Moyo is a lesson of how life can be celebrated without fear as the truth will always set us free.

We have lost a real musician who was the voice of the voiceless even in love, deaths, hope, poverty. He associated himself with gold panners and touts among other down trodden members of the society.

Such is life of a man whose words and action shaped the nation in a small way. It is no surprise why thousands of Zimbabweans grieved for him as he is a true hero of music.

Go well Igwe……