Oscar Suites Break Out The Gifts, Twittens Anyone?

Don’t know what Twittens are? You aren’t alone. But celebrities who visit one of a dozen or so “gifting suites” around Los Angeles during Oscar week will find out, and in about six months they may be selling in a store near you.

Twittens — two-person mittens designed for couples to hold hands together in cold weather — can be found this year at one of the suites backed by merchants looking for celebrity endorsements that help sell products.

Stars can pick up watches, sunglasses, shoes, a brand new TiVo, a gadget that reshapes lipstick, hair removal products and Botox. First-time author K.M. Groshek is giving away her children’s book “Bug’s Adventure Series” at the Wow Creations Celebrity Lifestyle Gifting Lounge, hoping to launch a career.

“No one really knows me and I want to change that here,” said Groshek. “I want to share my books and have people to enjoy them.”

Angelina? Brad? How about your kids?

Groshek was flanked by Jill Quillin, a stay-at-home mom from Knoxville, Tennessee who invented LipStix Remix, a mould that, among others things, repairs broken or melted lipstick.

“This is huge exposure for me,” she told Reuters.

The fresh-faced pair were something new in a sea of marketers at the gifting suites, which have been become part of the fabric of major entertainment events like the Oscars.

Stars come in, look around, maybe pick an item and, most importantly, get their picture taken with it because companies know that one celebrity endorsement can launch the sales of thousands of products.


Steven Jay, who works with Croton fine watches that are featured at the Platinum Publicity and Haven360 Backstage Creations Retreat suites, said the photos might be placed in publications or put in sales and marketing kits that are used to entice new vendors to carry a product or brand.

“Fashion conscious consumers are looking to Hollywood talent to see what’s new, hot and exciting,” said Jay. “If they see their favourite celebrities wearing our watches, they’re going try to seek out that Croton timepiece so they can be hip and up to the moment just like celebrities.”

He said that he has gifted and photographed Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift with Crotons.

TiVo has been showing off its brand new TiVo Premier service at the Platinum Publicity suite, while Laser Away Hair Removal was offering services at Angeleno Magazine’s Red Carpet Ready event at the newly opened W Hotel in Hollywood.

At the Andaz Hotel, Backstage Creations was giving out Dooney & Bourke rolling trunks, Fendi sunglasses and Botox and Juviderm treatments from Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan.

Then there were the Twittens at the Eco-Oscars “Green Carpet” Hospitality Lounge. Although not in stores until Fall 2010, Twittens also were at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Company representative Henry Eshelman likened the Sundance and Oscar exposure to “advance work.”

Finally, the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa in French Polynesia was giving celebrities a four-night free stay in the resort’s over-water bungalows. So, Charlie and Brooke, if those Twittens don’t work, maybe a vacation at the beach?