Outcry As RG's Office Dispatches More Officers To SA

The local officers are alleging favouritism and nepotism in the selection of officers who were sent to South Africa and who are believed to be earning between US$ 15 000 and US$22 000 in the one to three months they will stay in the country. This is compared to the US$4.85 a day that the local officers are getting for doing a similar job.

The RG’s office is battling to meet a December 31 deadline to register undocumented Zimbabweans.

Officials at the RG’s office at Makombe Building told Radio VOP that seven officers left the country last week to beef up staff processing papers for Zimbabweans. The officers will join the 40 who left a few months ago.

However there have been concerns on the slow pace at which these officers are processing the papers amid allegations that their recruitment was more to do with money than the job at hand.

Among the 40 who initially left for South Africa, the majority were said to be senior officers who normally don’t do the job of processing identification papers.

The RG officers in South Africa simply help Zimbabweans sign forms which are then send to Zimbabwe for processing, verification, clearing and production. The local officers have since threatened to go slow if their allowances are not increased.

South African government has insisted that it will not extend the December 31 deadline by which Zimbabweans should have regularised their stay in South Africa.