Outrage As Britain Protects Butcher Of MDC Members

According to British media reports, Philip Machemedza, the former spy who fled to Britain claiming he had seen enough of killings and torture of activists and MDC supporters, cannot be deported back to his country following  a ruling by a immigration tribunal.
The tribunal said the ruling was made to protect his human rights even though the self confessed butcher of MDC members took away the freedom and lives of innocent people at home.
The tribunal said Machemedze could himself face torture if he was returned home, having turned his back on Mugabe’s regime, the Mail reported.

Both Machemedze and his wife were allowed to stay in the UK, after a judge ruled sending Machemedze back to Zimbabwe breached his human rights, the Sun newspaper reported when the story broke in the UK on Thursday.
Machemedze worked as a bodyguard to a senior Mugabe regime minister, as part of the feared Central Intelligence Organisation, the reports said.
The tribunal heard Machemedze helped “slowly kill” members of MDC party whose limbs were then hacked off, The Sun reported.Court documents exposed the horrendous acts he allegedly committed as a state-sponsored torturer.

The tribunal heard he smashed one victim’s jaw with a pair of pliers, before pulling out a tooth.Another victim, a farmer accused of supporting the MDC, was shocked with electric cables, slapped, beaten and punched unconscious.
Mr Justice David Archer admitted Machemedze was “deeply involved in savage acts of extreme violence”, the Sun reported.

But the judge added: “Whatever crimes he has committed, he cannot be returned to face the highly likely prospect of torture and execution without trial.”
Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May will seek to overturn the judge’s ruling, The Sun reported on Friday.