Parirenyatwa Hospital Runs Out Of Water

Parirenyatwa Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Zigora, confirmed the lack of water.

“It’s true that we are having water cuts, but the problem has nothing to do with local authorities. We are currently refurbishing the hospital and the project is affecting our water supply that’s all what I can say. We are tired of talking to the media over this issue because I have been phoned by three other journalists before and cannot continue talking about the same issue. Thank you I am driving, “he said before terminating the call.

A visit by Radio VOP at the hospital on Thursday revealed that some of the patients requiring X-ray examinations were yet to be attended to since the beginning of this week.

Godfrey Mundoza said his grandmother who had been admitted at the hospital on Monday was still waiting to be X-rayed. “The doctors are saying the x-ray machines need water to operate.”

“I have to take my son to a private hospital who has some stomach complications and waiting for a surgical operation,” said Joyce Manjoro of Highlands.