Parliament Mull Suing Herald Newspaper

Some members of the committee say the premature publication of the material is designed to derail the constitutional making exercise.

 “We are contemplating taking the Herald to court to stop it from publishing what it purports to be Copac constitutional material,” said MDC-T Copac representative Douglas Mwonzora.

 “We will file for an interdict and we will succeed. In the meantime we will engage the editor of the Herald and after that we will not warn him when we go to court.”

Asked what action he will take if his colleagues refuse to cooperate on the matter.

Mwonzora said, “We will file for an interdict alone and we will succeed. These are matters of national interest and its work in progress and releasing information prematurely is just not right.”

Mwonzora accused the Herald of selectively publishing constitutional information to confuse members of the public and paint the drafters in bad light.

“They are seeking to rubbish the work of the drafters and accuse them of taking information that was not in the outreach document,” said Mwonzora.

The leaking of the constitutional material is being blamed on Zanu-PF members in Copac but Mangwana defended his party saying it has nothing to do with it since the document was circulated to several Copac members and anyone from any party could have leaked it.

“Zanu PF is not responsible. We wanted to keep whatever draft which was being drafted by the drafters packed somewhere but unfortunately towards the end of the year there was a feeling from Copac members that they wanted to have a copy of what has been drafted and we now do not know who has actually leaked the drafts to the public. There were initial drafts which were under discussion and they are not binding anyone to anything,” said Mangwana.

The Copac management committee is made up of 24 members.