Pastor Bonnie Wows Audiences In Harare

Clad in a black and white outfit Pastor Bonnie wowed the more than 3 500 capacity crowd comprising mostly christian followers from around Zimbabwe for the launch of her latest CD and DVD “Singing with the Angels”.

The show was broadcast live in Harare, London, Washington DC in the United States of Amercia and in Malaysia.

“This has been the biggest concert in Zimbabwe judging by the numbers that turned out,” said a spokesman from Gallow Records (Private) Limited. 

“I think Pastor Bonnie is now Zimbabwe’s best selling gospel musician if not the best selling musician. I think she has taken over from star Oliver Mtukudzi judging from the turnout this evening.”


The Celebration Centre was completely full before the show began at 6:30pm.

Doors were closed at about 6pm and people had to be chased away,probably the first time that a show has sold out so early.

The 10 000 CDs that had been brought in from London in the United Kingdom hours earlier were completely sold out and people were seen trying to sell them at almost double the going price.

They were selling for US$5 each but will go up to US$10 next week when sales begin.

“This is so great and God is blessing all of us,” said Bonnie,s husband and also the chief pastor at the Celebration Churches International. 

“The tickets were all sold out and the doors were closed so early I am reallly proud of you Bonnie, my wife.”


Pastor Tom then gave his wife the first CD and a red T-Shirt with “Singing With the Angels” writted on it.

The red T-Shirts were also on sale for US$10 each and they too sold out completely before the show ended at about 9:30pm.

The Celebration Church car parking area was filled with state of the art imported motor vehicles including top of the range Mercedes Benz S600 salons, Toyota Landcruisers, BMWs, Volvos, Lexus as well as Jaguars, making this arguably the most prestigious musical event in Zimbabwe so far.

The show was filled with dancing and praise and worship by the audience as well as members from the Celebration Church International Choir.

Bonnie has released four albums and DVDs which have all gone gold.