Patients Left Unattended As Hospital Staff Scramble For Free fertilizer

Even those without land went to queue for the free fertiliser while patients were left unattended for nearly three hours.

However, junior nurses among them trainees were left out after the hospital administrator Tapera Mukorera demanded that those with offer letters could be assisted.

‘’Its unfortunate that there are conditions being imposed by these officials although everyone must benefit from this free input scheme.‘’ said a disgruntled junior nurse.

However, the fertiliser was not enough to go around the 200 staff members as the hospital was only allocated 27 bags.

Meanwhile a Karoi prison officer-in charge Supt Christine Manhivi has come under fire again from her subordinates on suspicion that she diverted free fertilizer under Presidential inputs scheme here.

Sources at Karoi prison claim at the weekend that Manhivi who is a war veteran abused her authority last week on Thursday when she diverted the fertilizer that was meant for the Karoi prison.

Prison sources told Radio VOP reporter at the weekend that both Karoi and Hurungwe prisons had two tonnes of the fertilizer allocation each.

‘’When we asked her why it was taking long to have the fertilizer delivered to our station, she explained that our delivery had been delivered to Hurungwe prison although it had its own allocation. We are suspecting that she could have diverted our fertilizer for personal use,’’ said an officer.

Manhivi could not be reached on her mobile phone at the weekend as it went on unanswered. She is still yet to face an internal probe after she diverted four tonnes of fertilizer in October last year.