People Wrench At Banks To Get Cash Ahead Of Christmas Holiday

As early as 5 am long queues of people seeking to withdraw their cash had formed on most banks in the city with some people from rural areas spending the whole night sleeping on bank pavements.

“I have been here since Wednesday when I failed to access cash due to long queues. Since Thursday was a public holiday, I had to seek accommodation at my cousin’s house in Pumula. I did not have bus fare
to go to Binga where I am employed as a teacher,” said Ben Siyachilaba.

Siyachilaba said he spend the whole night on Thursday sleeping at CBZ, corner Jayson Moyo and 8th avenue.

Another civil servant from Fulabusi, Joel Ndlovu said he also failed to access his December salary and bonus on Wednesday.

“The problem on Wednesday was that some people were paying security guards to jump queues. Today I hope the bank officials will address this problem lest I will be stuck here up to the Christmas period,” said Ndlovu.

There was commotion at most banking halls visited by Radio VOP news crew in the morning. In some banks street kids were placing desperate cash seekers in queues for a fee.

“My brother this is also the time to make money for our Christmas. Some people are not prepared to sleep in queues and we are charging them five dollars for sleeping in the queues on their behalf,” said a
street kid who identified himself as Chaka.

There are strong fears that cash shortages reminiscent of the country’s economic crisis might resurface due to the long queues.