Peri-Peri Forced Into Small House's Private Parts

By Rumbidzai Ndhlovu

Masvingo, January 16, 2014 – Two related women from Chief Murinye’s area have been given an effective eight months in prison for  pushing down peri-peri and some traditional herbs into the private parts of a woman one of them accussed of seeing her husband.

Linet Muzangwa (23) had to bear the excrutiating pain of chilli inside her vagina and run some kilometers to her brothers house to get rescued.When she got to her brother’s house milk had to be used to wash and clear the chilli,according to the state case.

Julius Chengeta who appeared for the state told the court that sometime in December 2013 at around 2000hours the two accused persons Rosemary Chimbuya(20) and Gladys Maisva(25) teamed up to visit the complainant.Muzangwa was in the kitchen cooking when the two accused persons arrived.

The court heard that Maisva and Chimbuya started shouting on top of their voices accusing the complainant of being intimate with Maisva’s husband.

The two accused Muzangwa of receiving a bar of soap and a cellphone from Maisva’s husband.

Muzangwa refuted the allegations but the two started beating the complainant  and forced her thighs apart and proceeded to force periperi into her private parts.The complainant managed to escape from the two and ran to her brother’s place  where her inside was washed with milk to save her from the excrutiating pain.

The two pleaded guilty to the charge and told the court that Chimbuya helped Maisva in disciplining the complainant who was having an affair with her aunt’s husband.

The magistrate gave each accused an effective eight months in prison.

Mirror (Masvingo)