Peter Ndlovu Scouts For Young Soccer Talent

The former Highlanders dribbling wizard is slowly making a name for himself in this field working together with another former Zimbabwe
international soccer player Edzai Kasinauyo under the trade name Tamba.Sports Marketing.

Ndlovu is actively involved in grooming young soccer players for the European soccer market using the platform provided by the Germany carmaker Volkswagen (VW).

 “This is the only way I can give back to a community that made me to be what I am,” Ndlovu told Radio VOP while on his way to Madrid, Spain with a group of under 13 soccer players who are to participate in the VW Junior Masters World Tournament in Spain.

The 37-year-old former Zimbabwe national team captain who spent 13 seasons plying his trade in English soccer, beginning in the top
flight with Coventry City then Birmingham City, Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday  is now identifying a school in Harare to set up a
soccer academy.

 “I want these young boys to have the same chance that I have had when I went to play in England but I want them to have it earlier. I am showing them that it is possible to become a professional in Europe even coming straight from Zimbabwe,” said Ndlovu.

Under the programme, Ndlovu scouts for young talented soccer player around the country and try to groom them into professional football players.

He plans to put the group he took to Spain at a school in Harare in order for them to build their careers together.

“The dream is to have them into one school which will act as a soccer academy,” said Ndlovu. “We want these young boys to have a feel of the atmosphere of professional football that’s why it’s important to take them to the home of Real Madrid,” said Ndlovu.