Pirated Macheso Album On Sale Before Release

Pirates have hit hard on sungura maestro, Alick Macheso with a yet to be released album now being sold on the streets of Harare.

Thousands of copies of Macheso’s yet to be released album are in the hands of disc vendors in Harare. 

While it is a blow to Macheso, who says he is yet put final touches to the songs, those who buy will also be hard done as the pirated copies do not contain all the songs.

A survey on the streets of Harare showed that several vendors are now in possession of the CD album, with some who spoke to the ZBC News off camera confirming the album is in high demand.

Macheso expressed concern over the stealing of his works which he said is destroying many artists’ careers.

The sungura star affectionately known as Baba Sharo opened a pandora’s box, revealing mobile phone operators that use their songs in competitions are not remitting anything to artists.

“Some musicians have had their works pirated before release. Our major concern now is YouTube and mobile network providers who pretend to be working with us and in the process are robbing us a lot of money. During live shows, people are also using their expensive phones to record our music and that is destroying us,” said Macheso.

The album that Macheso is yet to release is titled ‘Ane Bhora Ndiye Anomakwa,” but the pirated album is titled ‘Chitsidzo.’

Though he made a name for himself playing with Nicholas Zakaria’s Khiama Boys, Macheso however rose to fame in 1998 when he released his debut album, ‘Magariro,’ with Orchestra Mberikwazvo. 

He went on to release many hits among them Vakiridzo, Amai VaRubie, Petunia, Mundikumbuke, Monalisa and Madhawu, among others.