Plan International Response to Radio VOP published Article

 Plan International wishes to clarify and correct inaccuracies contained in that story for the benefit of the reading public, as follows:

 1.       The story mentions Plan International as one of the NGOs banned from operating in Masvingo Province – this is not true as Plan International was not banned in Masvingo. Plan International is duly registered in Zimbabwe under the Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO) Act and its mandate in the country is to facilitate programs that: “enable deprived children, their families and communities to meet their basic rights and to increase their ability to participate in and benefit from their societies”.
2.       Given our mandate and promise to the children and communities we work with, Plan International’s operations are guided by regulations issued by relevant authorities in order to facilitate the implementation of programs that enable children to enjoy their rights and realise their full potential.
3.       We wish to categorically state that Plan International’s operations in Chiredzi District of Masvingo Province have not been stopped or banned.We urge you to urgently correct the error. 

Else Kragholm Plan Zimbabwe Country DirectorFebruary 2012