Plot To Arrest Tsvangirai – MDC-T

The Prime Minister’s Minister spokesman, Luke Tamborinyoka, said in a statement Tuesday:

“The plot involves members of the CIO and two named cabinet ministers who want to plant documents and then raid the Prime Minister’s Charter House and Harvest House offices where they will “discover” their own documents incriminating the Prime Minister and some members of the party’s top hierarchy.”

“The raid, which is scheduled to take place in the next two weeks, will result in the discovered documents being used not only to prosecute the Prime Minister and some members of his leadership, but also as an excuse to pull out of the inclusive Government without implementing the necessary reforms needed for a free and fair election,” added Tamborinyika.

The Inclusive Government was installed three years ago against a backdrop of multi-dimensional socio-economic and political challenges and its formation generated considerable enthusiasm and even euphoria among the public in Zimbabwe.

President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) party has over that past few months threatened to go for polls in early 2012 to cut short the inclusive government which has seen Zimbabwe’s economy stabilising following a decade of misrule.

However other parties in the inclusive government, including the smaller MDC faction led by Professor Welshman Ncube, are against the holding of early elections arguing that the political environment does not allow for free and fair elections.

The MDC revelation of the plot comes as the Southern African Development Community (SADC) appointed negotiator to the Zimbabwean political crisis Jacob Zuma is intensifying pressure on the political parties to find a common ground on a proposed elections roadmap.

Zuma is expected in the country for a meeting with the leaders of the three GPA parties before Christmas.

Security agents have used the tactics of plating documents as a way of incriminating perceived Zanu (PF) opponents before. MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti has in the past fallen victim to such plots.

He was arrested in 2009 upon his return from South Africa. The police alleged that he had written the “Transitional Mechanism” document which outlined a plan to seize power unconstitutionally although it later turned out that the document had been penned by the CIO. Biti was treated like a dangerous criminal being brought to court in leg irons. He is now suing the security agents for torture.

At the time the police charged him of “communicating statements prejudicial to the state” for allegedly announcing that Tsvangirai had won the March presidential and parliamentary elections instead of waiting for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to announce official results.

Mugabe whose Zanu (PF) party is holding a congress in Bulawayo where he is expected to be unanimously endorsed as the party’s presidential candidate for the next elections faces the biggest threat to his 31-year rule from Tsvangirai who trounced him in the March 2008 election. Tsvangirai however did not garner enough votes to automatically become the new president of the country. He was later forced to pull out of a subsequent run-off protesting over the attacks on his supporters. The election which Mugabe claimed victory was declared a sham by the African Union (AU) leading to the formation of a coalition government now in its third year.