PM confirms reshuffle

In a brief statement on Wednesday, PM spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka, in response to a lot of media speculation on the goings-on in the
Prime Minister’s Office, said the changes would enhance the office of premier.

“The fact of the matter is that no one has been fired but there have been realignments that will enable the effective discharge of the
Prime Minister’s Constitutional duties,” he said.
“The realignments are intended to strengthen the Prime Minister’s Constitutional responsibilities in the areas of planning, policy formulation, and supervision of government Ministries, management of the Government Work Programme and implementation of approved legislation. The Prime Minister reserves his right to periodically
reorganise his Office in any manner which can enhance his Constitutional mandate in this inclusive government,” added
He however did not disclose the names of the affected officers but VOP has it on good authority that Makone, who was the PM chief of staff, will make way for Alex Magaisa, a constitutional expert who teaches at
Kent University in the United Kingdom. Makone, the husband to co-Home Affairs Minister Theresa, managed the Transitional and Government Affairs in the PM’s office.
Makone has been given the portfolio to oversee government issues in the premier’s office while Magaisa, who is said to be winding up his business in the UK, will take over the Transitional portfolio. The Makones, perceived to be the PM’s financial backers since the formation of the MDC in 1999, are seen as complicity in the love affairs of the party leader who is accused of relying heavily on his so-called kitchen cabinet. The Makones have featured prominently in
the so-called kitchen cabinet.
Also reshuffled is Gandi Mudzingwa, who was the principal director for Transformation in the PM Office.
He returns to the MDC-T Harvest House as the person in charge of the party’s campaigns ahead of the harmonised elections President Robert Mugabe wants held in March next year. Lazarus Muriritirwa, who set up the PM with South African woman, Nosipho Shilubane, has also been removed as the Principal Director for Policy Implementation. Chief Protocol Officer James Maridadi, former PM spokesperson, has again been re-assigned. He is thought to be a relative of the Makones.
It is also understood the PM wants to ring changes in the information department of the party as he has his eyes firmly on the make-or-break elections.