PM’s Maize Seed lands Bikita Family In arson Attacks

Village head Muranganwa, real name Zimunya Muonde (100) lost a hut on Thursday morning, a day after his son’s two huts as well as property worth thousands of dollars were also razed to the ground.

The centurian, who could hardly speak, also lost farming equipment in the inferno.

His son Tarusengwa said they saw an anonymous letter warning them of the impending attacks.

“We saw a letter written by Zanu PF youths but we still do not know how it came to be at our yard. But the letter was warning us and accusing us of accepting a ten kg bag of maize seed donated by Tsvangirai. In the letter, they said we were sellouts who took help from a puppet.

“A day after, my younger brother’s homestead was burnt. His wife and two kids were however lucky to survive,” he said.

Mrs Muonde, wife to the village head, said her hut was also burnt on Thursday morning.

“We heard dogs barking at around 2am. When I went out to investigate, I saw a huge ball of flame, and I cried for help, thus alerting villager. That is when I saw about three man run away,” she said.

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Tinaye Matake, refused to comment on the matter.

However, MDC-T Masvingo provincial spokesperson, Harrison Mudzuri, condemned the attacks.

“We condemn the attacks on defenseless villagers who are innocent citizens of Zimbabwe who have the right to support a party of their choice. This shows that the country is still far from holding free and fair elections,’ he said.