Poet rides on COVID-19 lockdown

By Stephen Chadenga
KWEKWE human rights defender, Emmanuel Nkosilathi Moyo, has penned a satirical poem titled Awedzerwa Aya Mazuva (The days (lockdown) have been extended) that tears in the economic hardships faced by people as they grapple with the measures put by government to stop the spread of the pandemic.

President Emmerson Mnanangagwa recently extended the lockdown days by a further two weeks that expire this week.

Moyo said besides struggling to make ends meet people had to content by complying with government directives like putting on face masks that require more financial resources.

Written in Shona language Moyo quizzes if “people would be able to make ends meet” by adhering to the measures put by government during the lockdown period.

“Awedzerwa aya mazuva uchadii nhai Tarubva nedzako nguwo marengenya,”Moyo says in one of the poem verses.

The human rights campaigner who has in the past published books, criticising Mugabe and the Zanu PF-led government said although any efforts to combat the spread of the pandemic were commendable not much has been done to cushion people “from the effects of the lockdown.”

“There was need to ensure that the vulnerable particularly those who happen to be the majority in the informal sector are cushioned during this period,”Moyo said.

In November 2017, Moyo released a 14-track album with most of the
songs being political satires against Mugabe and Zanu PF, whom the
activist accused of destroying the country’s economic and political

He courted controversy in 2016 after he sent Mugabe prison garb as a
birthday present.