POLAD is a Zanu PF propaganda tool,says Busha

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Opposition leader  Joseph Makamba Busha has  describedthe Political Actors Dialogue Forum(POLAD) as a ploy by the ruling  Zanu PF party to hoodwink citizens.

Speaking at a media conference in the capital recently, the FreeZim Congress president had no kind words   for POLAD .

“POLAD is a tool by Zanu PF to propagate its propaganda and the real purpose of POLAD was seen when Mteki vowed his allegiance to the ruling party at its last year’s conference

The opposition leader who participated in the 2018 elections queried on the rationale of POLAD members globe-trotting the world to denounce sanctions when it’s only government officials who have the capacity to call off those sanctions’.

Busha went on to implore the MDC Alliance legislators to put the government to task on what’s the source of funding for POLAD .

“I urge the MDC Alliance MPs to be able to ask and find out where the budget for POLAD is coming from,’’ added the businessman-cum-politician.

The FreeZim Congress leader’s remarks come barely a a month after President Emmerson Mnangagwa made a passionate plea to the MDC Alliance and other opposition parties to join POLAD to ‘enhance economic stability, growth and sustainable development in the country’.

Meanwhile , Busha has  castigated the construction of new parliament building and the expansion of the Robert Mugabe International Airport at a time the citizens are in need of dire social needs.

“Of concern is insensitive of Zanu PF in constructing a new parliament and expanding the airport when citizens have more pressing issues that need urgent redress this shows that the ruling party is out of touch with reality  ,” queried the 2018 presidential candidate.

He encouraged MDC Alliance and other independent legislators  to boycott the use of the new parliament .It is not the first time that the opposition leader has  blasted the construction of the new  $165 parliament building in Mt Hampden.