Police Bar ZAPU Road Show In Umzingwane

The road show was scheduled for last Saturday in areas around Mbalabala, Nswazi and Mawabeni.

Speaking to Radio VOP, Zapu spokesperson, Methuseli Moyo, said his party had initially planned holding the event on Wednesday November 2, but the police advised them to give them more time to prepare and suggested Saturday, which Zapu agreed to.
“We were surprised when Esigodini police called on Friday and told us we should not go ahead with the event. The police claimed that they did not have enough manpower and resources to cover all the areas we wanted to visit.
“We were left with no option but to comply even though it was clear that the police were not genuine in their conduct. All along they were aware of our plan, which we gave them in writing. How then does the issue of manpower and resources suddenly become a hindrance? In any case, Zapu is aware of the challenges facing the police and we have at all times transported police details to venues of our meetings if they so wished,” said Moyo
He added that as Zapu they believe that the police were acting on instructions from the Zanu-PF establishment not to allow Zapu to campaign.
“We call on the co-ministers of Home Affairs and the rest of the Inclusive Government to prevail on the establishment to allow Zimbabweans to freely conduct political activities.
“Zapu is fast losing patience with the dictatorship. If the situation remains unchanged, our party will in the near future go ahead with its activities, with or without police clearance. We would rather face the consequences than allow other human beings to trample on our God-given right to associational life,” fumed Moyo.
He called on Zanu-PF to learn to respect other political parties or else the people of Zimbabwe will soon teach them how to do it.
Moyo concluded by saying that they hoped the dethroning and demise of celebrated dictator Muammar Ghaddafi of Libya at the hands of self-trained fighters was a good warning for the Zanu-PF establishment to change its ways.
Last week, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai ran battles with the police in Matabeleland North province when they banned their three rallies that were scheduled to be held in Lupane, Binga and Victoria Fall.

MDC-T had been granted a court order allowing them to conduct the rallies but the police declared that the rallies were illegal and they even barred the Premier from visiting St Paul’s Hospital under maternity government project initiative.