Police Bars Radio Dialogue Road show

Speaking to Radio VOP soon after the riot police stopped the roadshow, Radio Dialogue Advocacy officer, Nothando Mpofu said that the road show was organised in conjunction with Churches and civil society forum had just been on for less than 4 hours when riot police ordered the roadshow to be stopped citing lack of space.

She said that Radio dialogue has used the space were they were stopped from showing for the past 5 years and they had been cleared by the city council to use the space.

“We have been using this space for the past five years, the riot police stopped us when we had just started and the reason they gave is not satisfactory to us,” said Mpofu

The aim of the road show was to promote peace building amongst citizens of Bulawayo.

“Radio dialogue condemns such behavior by the police and calls upon the government of Zimbabwe to respect rights of citizens especially rights to assembly, association and expression.

“It is our assertion that only if such fundamental rights are respected, that we can hope for a functioning democracy in Zimbabwe. This happens only a few days before press freedom day,” she added.

The riot police in Zimbabwe have stopped a number of meetings around the country despite their approval by the courts.