Police block Dr Magombeyi from seeking medical treatment in SA

Police are preventing a union leader from heading to South Africa to receive medical treatment as he recovers from an alleged abduction.

This comes hours after the High Court ordered the police to allow Peter Magombeyi to leave the country.

Rights activists and local media are reporting that police are currently blocking him from leaving a medical facility in the capital Harare.

Earlier this month Dr Magombeyi’s colleagues said he was abducted by state agents after he had organised a health workers’ strike.

Five days later he was found alive but extremely disoriented.

His apparent abduction was the latest in a series of disappearances of government critics – some of whom have been tortured.

In a tweet, a prominent opposition politician accused the police of trying to block Dr Magombeyi because South African doctors may report that he had been tortured and this had caused him to suffer from memory loss

Said lawyer-cum-opposition politician David Coltart: “The reason the police are trying to block his departure of course is that independent South African doctors may well report that Dr Magombeyi was in fact tortured last week and that his loss of memory is a result of that. This will of course shatter the regime’s propaganda line.”