Police Block March By HIV/AIDS Activists

The police dismissed the march that was scheduled for Wednesday citing reasons such as the fear of the march being hijacked by political parties as well as the disrupting of traffic along Nelson Mandela.

The  march also came at a time when the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human rights (ZLHR) petitioned NAC challenging Section 6 Chapter 10 of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) demanding that the HIV/AIDS body releases critical information related to how funds are being administered for the benefit of HIV/AIDS patients.

According to the advocacy chairperson for Harare, Joao Zangareti they intended to handover the petition to NAC expressing PLHIV anger towards what the organisation said was unfair treatment in accessing critical drugs and other benefits that are critical in fighting the disease.

“The NAC is taking solace in a hole infested NAC act which allows for other speculative activities, for example lending trust funds to employees and investing on the money market. The thematic allocation for ART and drugs remain pegged at 50% regardless of the fluctuation of numbers who need ARVs,” he said.

“In conclusion we the people living with HIV note and demand that the AIDS levy is a national resource contributed by all working people.”

However,Sarongeti added that they will handover the petition together with the Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) tomorrow together with the ZLHR.

“We have partnered CAC and ZLHR in handing over the petition tomorrow,” concluded Zangareti.

CAC director Terry Mutsvanga confirmed that CAC had been approached over the proposed petition.

He said: “As CAC we feel that the plight of people living with HIV/AIDS is a national agenda hence it requires urgent attention.NAC has to answer the demands that are being levelled by the PLHIV as this brings out accountability and transparency.”

Police spokesperson for Harare Province Inspector Tadius Chibanda could not be reached for a comment since he was not picking up his phone.