Police Disperse Villagers Celebrating Christmas

Ant-riot police drove from Karoi to the North Eastern busy shopping centre of Karoi town where they ordered all shop owners to close their shops.

The police accused shop owners of selling alcohol without liquor licenses while accusing thousands of people enjoying their Christmas day of illegally gathering at the place for the purposes of conducting a possible political meeting.

Radio VOP arrived at the shopping centre at the time the police was manning the place while people had been dispersed.

Some of the residents who were still at the place when Radio VOP arrived said senior police officers from Karoi dispersed them saying they fore-saw a an unsanctioned  political meeting  happening hence the disruption.

Police use Public Order and Security Act to drive away any gathering which they suspect of trying to conduct a meeting which is not organised by Zanu-PF.

“The anti-riot police was being headed by Karoi DISPO addressed us here and told us that there was likely to be an MDC meeting and ordered us to vacate.

“This is surprising given that today is a Christmas day and we have never heard of any political rally being held on this day, neither was there an intention by any political party to hold a rally here, “said one villager who identified himself as Gaure.

“It’s unfair for the police to order the dispersement of residents from celebrating Christmas .If they have any issues with shop owners they should deal with them and that should not affect villagers who are meeting their friends and relatives”, said another villager who was marching away from the shopping centre.

Shop owners had no kind words for the police whom they accused of demanding kick backs from them.

“We know the reason for the disruption. The police are always here demanding bribes from us.

“They have been threatening to close our shops and we are tired of giving them bribes. Today they have done this deliberately so that we lose business. We always sell beer here and this has not been a problem, “a shop owner who refused to be named said.