Police Mum On Missing Cash From Accident Scene

“When my wife left home she had 30 000 rands to buy flea market goods. When I was notified of the incident I came here straight but I couldn’t recover her purse and money,” he said.

“The police said they didn’t see it. But I think these guys are stealing money from the dead,” Simbaneuta told Radio VOP at the Masvingo General Hospital.

A survivor, Rutendo Kanokura (25) from Harare’s Warren Park suburb, claimed: “I had about $5000 that I intended to exchange into rands once I reached the border but when the accident happened I was thrown out of the bus and got unconscious.

“When I got conscious here in the hospital I was given an empty wallet. I strongly suspect the police officers of stealing the money.”

An elderly man, who lost his son and declined to be named, said police had lost respect for the dead.

“In our culture there is a certain fear and respect associated with the dead but our police no longer have that. What they did was inhumane. How can you steal from the pockets of a dead man? It’s unAfrican.”

Police here refused to comment on Thursday referring all questions to Harare.

The Beitbrigde bound bus veered off the road and hit a tree near Ngundu growth point while coming from Harare.