Police Nab Midlands Serial Killer In Mvuma

By Itai Muzondo

A sigh of relief has been expressed by residents in and around Midlands province who have been spending sleepless nights after the police launched an operation which saw the capture and arrest of the serial killer who has been marauding and tormenting the province for the past two months.

Though Midlands police spokesperson, Ethel Mukwende said the Officer in Charge of Mvuma has not yet formally communicated, she did not deny that the information has penetrated her office as she highlighted that they are still awaiting positive identification process of the murderer from the victims of attempted to murder.

Speaking to Radio VOP, Mukwende said the 26 year old murderer was nabbed from a local nightclub in Mvuma though she further denied disclosing the name of the accused though he is currently in police cells.

“The information has not yet formally reached my desk from Mvuma though it comes as a great relief that the 26 year old murderer has been nabbed and under police custody. I however cannot disclose a lot since we are awaiting positive identification from some of the available victims of attempted murder in the area,” said Mukwende.

One of the victims, Gladys Gwasunda however confirmed in a telephone interview that the accused is the one who tried to murder her while coming from work after allegedly showing her a corpse he had just murdered.

“I never forgot the face of that criminal after all the gruesome things he did to me. Showing me a dead corpse he had just murdered before he tried to kill me was a traumatic experience. He stuffed sand in my mouth so I could not shout for help but I was lucky to be rescued by a passer-by. He is the one,” said Gwasunda in a sombre mood.

A police source who spoke on conditions of anonymity from Mvuma said the murderer who was on the run for eleven counts of murder and multiple counts of attempted murder is not denying allegations pointed towards him.

“The accused has not denied the murder allegations being pointed towards him and has further disclosed he was sent to do the work by a Zambian national who instructed him to rape his victims, which he testified that he did after committing the gruesome cold blooded murders. He further disclosed that he task was almost done as he had only one more victim to kill before completing his task,” said the police officer.

A resident Jeremiah Marongwe however noted that the police has done a good job as they were living in fear.


“I would like to thank the police on this job well done as we have been living in fear day and night. The arrest of this criminal has come as a real relief to the community at large,” said Marongwe.