Police Officer Thrown Out For Playing MDC Jingles On Cellphone

Speaking to Radio VOP on Saturday morning Inspector Chisango who was a police senior medical officer at Ntabazinduna police Training camp in outskirts of Bulawayo said he was now stranded with his family in the bush.

“I am now stranded in the bush, I have no where to go, I slept outside last night with my family after the eviction from police camp which you witnessed yesterday (Friday),”said Chisango.

Chisango was evicted on Friday morning in full view of four journalists Pindai Dube of the Daily News, Nqobani Ndlovu of the Standard Reporter and two freelance journalists Pamenus Tuso and Osca Nkala. The four journalists were arrested for witnessing Chisango’s eviction but later released without a charge.

According to the charge sheet, Chisango force number 114321L, is being charged for contravening Chapter 11:10 of the Police Act that of actively participating in politics whilst in the police force.

 Allegations against Chisango who was  working as a police medical officer at Ntabazinduna police training deport was caught playing the MDC song “Simudza Ngerengere”on his personal  cell phone whilst at work by his superiors.

“Further Investigations were then conducted by Police Internal Security Intelligence (PISI) officers from Bulawayo Provincial police headquarters and Matebeleland North Police headquarters and it revealed that even a computer in his office had music which promoted the MDC. A file code named Tedy Chisango was found containing other
MDC songs like Saddam Waenda, Shinga Zvichanaka, Hondo Yacho and others”.

Chisango’s expulsion from the force came at a time when another police officer in Bulawayo Alois Mabhunu was last month arrested and also dragged before the police internal court for using President Robert Mugabe’s toilets during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

Mabhunu was sentenced 10 days in prison and he is currently waiting for a decision on his appeal from Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri.