Police Refusing With Mujuru Death Probe Results – Makone

Speaking to Radio VOP in Bulawayo on Monday, Makone said she doesn’t even know what is happening, as she has not been given any single update by police since Mujuru’s death.

“I have not been told anything about this issue, I am being sidelined, I don’t even know at what stage police have reached with the investigations. So I think the only option left for me is to ask Vice President (Joyce) Mujuru about this issue, to find whether she has received any results of probe from the police or not,” said Makone who is also chairperson of the Women Assembly in the MDC-T.

Mujuru died in mysterious circumstances at his Beatrice farm in August, and it is not yet known whether he died before an inferno at his house or was killed by the fire.

Police recently said they had finished the first part of investigations but are yet to make their findings.

Last week Zimbabwean legislators demanded that government invite foreign police from countries such as China, Russia and Britain to investigate the death of General Mujuru saying they don’t trust the country’s police.

Despite the calls by the MPs, the police have so far rebuffed suggestions of incorporating any outside investigators to join its investigating team.

General Mujuru’s widow, Vice President Joyce Mujuru has also demanded answers. She poured her heart out days after her husband’s death saying she could not understand how a military man could have failed to escape a fire in a house which had so many easily accessible exit points.