Police Stops Demo By Victims Of Political Violence

Victims of political violence say they were shortchanged by the
inclusive government’s national healing organ which is not adequately
addressing their problems.

“We had planned to have a peaceful demonstration to show the inclusive
government that we are not happy with the way our problems are being
addressed with the national healing organ. It has been over a year now
but we have not managed to get our property back.

“The coming up of an inclusive government last year gave us hope that
the perpetrators were going to learn that violence does not pay but up
to now there is nothing to solve our problems. If anything, we are
being more victimized,” said Shepard Tsumele who escaped death by a
whisker when two of his colleagues were petrol bombed and died on spot
at MDC’s Jerera office in 2008.

Tsumele is no longer able to work for himself and he constantly needs
to visit the doctor for continuous health check ups but he said he
does not have money to do so.

“I no longer able to work for myself, I can’t do anything for myself
but the national healing organ is doing nothing, there is no help from
government. I no longer manage to raise the money to continuously
visit the doctor,” said Tsumele.

Acting Masvingo Provincial Police spokesperson Assistant Inspector
Prosper Mugauri said any demonstration which does to follow proper
channels before the police would be cancelled. However, Assistant Insp
Mugauri could not elaborate on whether the victims of political
violence had not followed proper procedures.

“Police has the right and duty to cancel or ban any rally or
demonstration which fails to follow proper channels… they must explain
to you whether they followed the correct procedures or not,” said

Zaka North legislator Ernest Mudavanhu (MDC-T) said people in his
constituency are very bitter. He said a lot of people hoped that
national healing organ was going to urgently address their problems
but more than a year down the line, victims of political violence are
still crying for help.

“The problem is that when the inclusive government was formed,
villagers who were victimized got a hope that they would see justice
immediately but their hopes are fading by the day as inclusive
government seem to be failing to fulfill their needs,” said Mudavanhu.
Peter Imbayago, Zaka Rural District Council chairman, said the
relationship between Zanu PF and MDC in the area is still tense.

“People have not forgiven up to today, they are still bitter and the
situation here is still tense. Something must be done to address this
problem,” said Imbayago.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was last week told by his supporters
in Masvingo to pull out of the inclusive government if President
Mugabe continues to block progress.