Political Interference In Zim Weather Forecast

He said this was because this information was seen as sensitive.

This information is moderated if I may say,” Climate Change Zimbabwe office Director Washington Zhakata told journalists attending an on-going five day Climate Change workshop in Harare.

Journalists had asked Zhakata the reason why the Meteorological Services Department (MET) had over the years denied of possible droughts which would later be experienced despite them having told the nation that the country was expecting normal to above normal rainfall every year.

Sources said the MET Department gave daily weather updates to cabinet before producing the information to
the public.

Failure by the Meteorological Services department to give accurate in formation to the public has over the years misled farmers and resulted in them failing to appropriately plan.

Zhakata said the other reason for inaccurate weather forecasting was caused by brain drain.

“As you know all the most experienced guys left during the peak of the economic crisis leaving the department with inexperienced human resources,” Zhakata said.

Obsolete weather equipment is reportedly affecting the country’s weather forecasting.