Political play Confessor banned

According to sources Anti-riot Police accompanied by an NAC Official immediately ordered six actors of the stage.

Producer Silvanos Mudzvova told Radio VOP that the police faced no resistance from the cast as information had already been leaked from insiders at art NAC that police were coming.
Mudzvova: “From what I gather we angered some people at the NCA because we invited Hon Obert Chaurura Gutu as guest of honour during the opening night of the play. I gather a certain official screamed at the NCA offices that opposition Ministers are being used at Art events instead of those from the ruling party.”
The story is done in a community theatre fashion, which tells the story of violence prior and post the June 27 presidential elections in 2008. As suggested in the title, the play focuses on the contradictions that confessions of violence can potentially bring to a community.

For many people in Zimbabwe, June 27 invokes very deep memories, many of them that are synonymous with violence.  The five-character play makes a minimal use of space. The play is told through vignettes of the characters. In addition, the play uses a lot of techniques such as flashback, miming and changing on set.

While the play touches on a raw nerve of violence in Zimbabwe’s political arena, some audience members felt that it did not go deep enough to reveal real stories that happened to Zimbabweans during the electoral period.

However, the play is fast-paced, and has a simple set.