Politicisation Of Dzamara Case Will Not Ignite Revolt-Charamba

The government says it will not tolerate any political disturbances orchestrated by failed political outfits using the missing person, Itai Dzamara, as part of their political football game which they think they can simulate a situation similar to Tunisia.

Speaking to ZBC News in Harare today, Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba said police are investigating the issue and will reveal the outcome of their findings when investigations are complete.Charamba said thlose who want the President to speak on the issue do not know how government operates as police are part of the executive which does the investigations.

He said the careless use of the word ‘abduction’ by some sections of the media defeats the whole purpose of investigation, as they already claim that the missing person was abducted.

In Zimbabwe some people go missing but resurface later as what happed in 2008 when people left for South Africa and came back when they thought it was opportune time.

Cases of missing persons are not peculiar to Zimbabwe alone with Britain reporting an average of 270 000 missing people annually.