Post Election Scars Leave Villagers Homeless

By Tafirenyika Nemadire 

Magunje, 24, September, 2013 – Post election political violence has erupted in Magunje’s Kebvunde rural area under Chief Nematombo, in Mashonaland West province where over 100 families have been threatened with eviction for backing the MDC-T party.

More than 100 families face eviction from their homesteads as political party rivals embark on a retribution exercise to punish them for backing the MDC-T party in the July elections, which were won by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party.

The families who live under headmen Samuel Munjoma and Majinjiwa in Magunje’s Kebvunde rural area under Chief Nematombo, in Mashonaland West province respectively told Radio VOP that they were threatened with eviction by known local Zanu PF members at a funeral held recently.

Headmen Munjoma and Majinjiwa were also ordered to surrender their African village heads badges to the Zanu PF members.

“This happened this weekend when we were burying Tino Maponga, the Zanu PF youth vice-chairperson for Kebvunde Kanyati district. Darlington Mutemagau, a provincial councilor is the one who told us that we should vacate this area together with our subjects. Also vocal at the funeral were Mai Joshua Chitimbe, and Cecilia Mudimu all of Zanu PF.  Darlington said because MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai lost the election we should disappear from Magunje and leave the land for Zanu PF people. All this happened in the presence of the local Member of Parliament Dr Godfrey Gandawa,” headman Majinjiwa told Radio VOP at his homestead in Kebvunde Magunje.

“What pains us is that Darlington is a very young whom we saw his upbringing. I am 85 years old and he so his age makes him to be my son if not my grandson. How can such a youngster tell me to surrender my headman badge to him? We are the rightful dwellers of this area and for him to evict us is an insult,” said headman Samuel Munjoma.

Radio VOP failed to get a comment from Magunje Central legislator Dr Gandawa as his mobile phone went unanswered for several times.

Africa Maranatha Faith Ministry, a local church in the area confirmed the sprouting cases of post election political violence in Magunje.

Pastor Lloyd Mapfumo of the Africa Maranatha Faith Ministry told Radio VOP that his church’s efforts to curb the post political violence in the area were facing resistance from political players.

“We are conducting peace campaign meetings here trying to teach people that they should not fight .We are telling them that they should live in harmony.  The other disturbing thing is that there are other churches here which are being used by some political parties because their leaders benefited from the land redistribution program. There are also members of the uniformed forces who also benefited from the same program. These are the people who are making it difficult for the communities to understand our call for peace,” Pastor Mapfumo said.

Pastor Mapfumo said if human rights organisations intensify their peace campaign programs in remote areas such cases would be eradicated.

“It is our plea that organisations such as ZimRights and Zimbabwe Peace Project and other likeminded organisations reach out to these communities, so that our efforts to create a peaceful Zimbabwe are complimented,” Pastor Mapfumo added.


Similar post political violence cases have been reported in Mutoko where MDC-T supporters accused Zanu PF members of burning down their houses.