Power Struggle Rocks Soccer Coaches Association

Sources have revealed that countless meetings have been going on in Harare with a number of Premier Soccer League coaches all linked to the new association to be called the Federation of Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association.

Radio VOP is informed that the coachers held a meeting at a local hotel Wednesday and decided to form their own association unhappy with the current set up which they claim is being led by a none practising coach in the form of Bekimpilo Nyoni.

Nyoni does not coach any top football team but has a junior football academy.

According to information obtained by this Radio VOP reporter, most of the coaches in the Premier Soccer League, and the first divisions, are now aligned to the new association which apart from Chunga is being spearheaded by Black Rhinos coach Nesbert Saruchera and former Monomotapa coach Rodwell Dhlakama as well as Newsome Mutema who was one of Chunga’s assistant at CAPS United.

Their borne of contention is that the soccer coaches association is now made up mostly of coaches who are not coaching any teams and are instead teachers involved in school football coaching which they think is not the direction they want the national association to take.

Ironically, Nyoni beat Chunga in elections to choose the chairman of the Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association early last year.

Chunga laughed off suggestions that he was leading a rebellion saying that what he was trying to do was to see the right things being done. ‘This is a national coaches association and we cannot be led by people who are not coaches. We cannot have people who do not coach any football team in the association and some of them in the forefront,’ said Chunga.

Saruchera says there is nothing wrong in them coming up with another coaches association adding that there are two boxing and wrestling federations which are affiliated to the Sports and Recreation Commission.

Nyoni, who is a member of the Zifa Council, could not be reached for a comment but he has always maintained that he was elected through the Zifa Constitution and will serve his term until it expires in 2013.

The Zifa Constitution, has a provision for only one coaches association, whose chairman, in the current setup is Nyoni. By virtue of that position, Nyoni, sits in the Zifa Council where he has voting powers.