Praise Singing For Mugabe Gets Louder

A senior Zanu (PF) official in Manicaland Province said party supporters wanted to raise legs to show their support for Mugabe’s candidature.

Mike Madiro, the Zanu (PF) chairman in Manicaland claimed “everyone” in the province was behind Mugabe.

He said supporters wanted him to continue ruling as long as he wants.

“It is an honour to have a leader who has leadership qualities like Cde Mugabe,” Madiro said. “People even wanted to raise their legs in showing their support to our President and First Secretary of the party.”

Madiro was referring to a pre-conference meeting held in Mutare recently where Zanu (PF) supporters endorsed Mugabe’s bid to continue ruling the country.

“Delegates clearly declared that they are ready for elections. There were no dissenting voices on our candidate for the presidential election and everyone in the province is rallying behind President Mugabe,” he claimed.

Madiro said the Zanu (PF) campaign machinery was “well oiled” and that his party was poised to win next year’s election.

Obert Mpofu, the Mines Minister, recently described himself as “ever obedient son” in his letter to the President. He was recommending to Mugabe that Core Mining, a shady diamond mining company, was suitable to enter into a joint venture deal with the Zimbabwe Mining Development Company (ZMDC) and extract diamonds from Chiadzwa.

It has now turned out Core Mining was a bogus company and the partnership deal they entered with the ZMDC had collapsed.

Didymus Mutasa, the Presidential Affairs Minister, had at one time equated Mugabe to Jesus.

Although Mugabe has not publicly commented on machinations to make him a Life President, sources said the ageing leader was behind such efforts.

“That man loves power,” said a senior Zanu (PF) official from Mashonaland East. “I can never imagine him relinquishing that post. He will die on that seat.”

The Zanu (PF) machinery is already on the ground, intimidating villagers in the countryside into supporting Mugabe’s candidature. Several operations aimed at intimidating villagers have been launched in different parts of the country.

In Masvingo soldiers recently marched shouting “Mugabe should rule forever” while traditional chiefs and the Zanu (PF) women’s league have sang the same song.