Premier Africa disinfects Masvingo Teachers’ College

By Diana Gondongwe

Premier Africa, a new company offering disinfection services, has donated 40 litres of a water based disinfectant to Masvingo Teachers’ College for the disinfection of six hostel blocks, the clinic, the dining hall and the surrounding areas which were used by people who were quarantined there in recent weeks.

The organisation also donated an ultra-sonic disinfectant automiser to the office of the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs and Devolution.

In his remarks, Chadzamira said the private sector was critical in complementing government efforts in the fight against this pandemic.

He urged communities to not harbour people who escape from quarantine centres and those who come home straight from neighbouring countries without getting into mandatory quarantine.

“As I launch this disinfecting programme, I would like to thank Premier Africa for the donations. I also want to thank other private organisations who are working with us to contain the pandemic. Communities should report returnees who have not gone through quarantine and those who run away from quarantine centres,” Chadzamira said.

Premier Africa director Viktor Hwakwa said they are working together with the provincial task force to fight the pandemic.

“As Premier Africa, my co director Esther Hwakwa and I are offering free disinfecting services to the college as a way of fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Hwakwa.

Masvingo Teachers’ College principal Benson Mutambudzi said many facilities at the institution needed to be disinfected as they had been used by hundreds of repatriates.

“We are thankful to Premier Africa for the free disinfection offer because we are preparing to welcome back 600 third-year students,” said Mutambudzi.

Last month, Masvingo province received 681 returnees, of which 297 were accommodated at Masvingo Teachers’ College starting on May 06.

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