Preparations for regional ‘Post Harvest Summit’ gather momentum

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

Preparations for a regional post harvest summit to be held in South Africa next month   are at an advanced stage.

Speaking to Radio VOP, one of the organisers Professor Stephen Mashingaidze says the summit aims at breaking new markets for  Southern African farmers.

“The post harvest summit is designed to help participants break into new markets n secure contracts learn how to negotiate n manage supply chain risks in the key markets,” said Professor Stephen Mashingaidze.

According to  Professor Mashingaidze, the event will  also be graced by ‘supply chain experts ,directors, technology firms, climate experts  and marketers’.

The agriculture expert believes the summit will leverage on some other initiatives he has already started with other organisations.

“Here in Zimbabwe we have set up an out-growers scheme which we are running jointly with Foundations Farming  in Chiredzi and Harare

“In Pretoria I have a farm , in Ghana we have already set base and in Lusaka am already structuring  which is why the summit is equally important for cross-pollination of ideas,” he added.

The event will be held from 26-27 September in Johannesburg and is being organised by Samacet and Agriquest Africa Network.

Notable speakers include Professor Lateef Sanni,Deputy Vice Chancellor ,Federal University of Agriculture,Abeokota,Nigeria,Ambassador Abioudun,Executive Director Agriquest Africa Network ,Professor Lumumba,Dr Eugene Makaya of NUST and Dr Chavhunduka.

Farmers in the region face numerous challenges that include lack of capital, a constrained market, inadequate technologies  and limited government support among many others.