President Mnangagwa to unveil USD12 billion mining roadmap

Rudairo Dickson Mapuranga

The Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Hon Winston Chitando has announced that the launch of the USD12 billion mining industry roadmap by 2023 will be unveiled by the president of Zimbabwe.

The government of Zimbabwe is optimistic that the economic resuscitation of the once giant in African nation rests in the Mining sector, therefore, has created a USD12 billion road map that will see the mining sector singularly reviving the economy of Zimbabwe.

According to Chitando, the 12 billion dollar road map will be unpacked by the president.

“The achievement and details of the USD12 billion target will be unpacked next week by the President,” said Chitando recently.

Chitando also said that each sector will be given a specific target to reach by 2023. Chitando was also optimistic that the diamond sector will contribute a fair amount towards achieving the 12 billion dollar target.

“The diamond sector has got a significant share to the attainment of USD 12 billion. There will be a specific target which will be given the Mining sector” Chitando said.

Chitando, however, ruled out lithium on producing a significant share towards achieving the 12 billion dollar target by 2023 but according to the Minister, the full potential of lithium in Zimbabwe will be realised after 2023.

“The full potential of lithium production will not be incorporated in the 12 billion dollar mark,” said Minister Chitando.

The Minister also said that Katanga will be signing a joint venture agreement with Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company next week, the full details of the agreement will be unpacked by the President.

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