Presidental Scheme Halted at GMB Karoi Depot

The depot was virtually deserted as few farmers were seen milling around after it was announced that rural councillors will assist in vetting and verifying deserving farmers.
‘’We used to give 12 bags per hectare but have since reduced it to only five and it is now restricted to few farmers here. All other farmers will have to visit their respective wards to be assisted by their councillors and with our counterparts on outreach program as it has been halted here’’ confirmed one GMB worker.
Some Zanu PF officials including Members of Parliament are accused of hijacking the credit facility claiming it is campaign tool by President Robert Mugabe ahead of possible elections this year.
This has brought divisions within the former ruling party where Zanu-PF Hurungwe East MP Sarah Mahoka is accused of looting nearly 50 tons of inputs although she defended her move saying she is facilitating it for her constituency.
She defended herself saying those accusing her of looting are aimed at tarnishing her image politically.
However, GMB workers defended her actions saying she is owed monies by GMB for maize deliveries she made to the loss making board.
‘’Mahoka is one of the few Zanu-PF officials who is consistent in delivering maize. You cannot compare her with youths who do not have even a single voucher for nearly eight years. It is political’’ added another source although he declined to have his name published.
There was no immediate comment from GMB top officials as the phones went unanswered at the time of writing.

President Mugabe launched the scheme in a bid to boost production but top party wigs are accused of selling the inputs on the black market defying his bid to restore sanity in the agro-based economy that was affected following the violent seizures of white owned farms in 2000.